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With all Pacific Internet services, you get friendly, local, professional, and knowledgeable support. You can get prompt assistance by completing the following form, or calling us at (206) 361-8785.

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Customers with half a cabinet of physical space or more are allowed unescorted access to the data center. Customers with less than half a rack and hosted in a shared cabinet must contact us to arrange for escorted access.


During Business hours, contact our main office at (206) 361-8785 or call our toll free number at 1(888) 361-4638.

Emergency after-hours phone numbers are available for colocation and dedicated customers. Please contact Customer Service for these numbers if you do not have them.

For non immediate issues, contact Technical Support or call (206) 361-8785 during business hours Monday through Saturday.


Most Pacific Internet colocation and dedicated customers are billed for monthly bandwidth using the 95th percentile method. If you would like access to your MRTG graph, showing your actual usage contact us at Technical Support.

In 95th percentile billing, the data throughput is measured and recorded on five minutes intervals for the entire billing period. At the end of the billing period, the numbers are sorted from highest to lowest, and the highest 5% of usage (approximately 36 hours) are discarded and not included in the usage billing. The peak of the remaining 95% is what the customer will be billed for that billing period.

95th percentile billing graph

In the example above, customer's monthly traffic spiked at 4.78 Mb/s. However, when the top 5% of the traffic is removed from the billing, the remaining 95% of throughput would be measured at 2.5 Mb/s - being used as the billing rate.

95th percentile billing is beneficial for the customer, in that it allows the customer bursts of peak throughput and traffic utilization without additional financial cost, as those short "bursts" of peak traffic are ignored, leaving the "normal" monthly usage to be billed.

System and Account Settings


Web and FTP Settings:

Uploading to Website – use FTP hostname "www"
Domain Email MX Settings:

EMail Settings:

You will have to refer your setup to your specific device or program manufacturer in order to properly set up your email. Please refer to the settings below when setting up your email on your device.

login username is just your 'username' - do not include the at the end

Incoming Email Server:


Incoming Email Port Settings

  • IMAP (TLS) - Port 143
  • IMAP (SSL) - Port 993
  • IMAP (no security) - 143

  • POP3 (TLS) - 110
  • POP3 (SSL) - Port 995
  • POP3 (no security) - 110

Outgoing Email Server:


Outgoing Email Port Settings

  • SMTP (TLS) - Port 587
  • SMTP (SSL) - Port 465
  • SMTP (No Security ) - Port 10025


Shared Server Retention
The retention period for web and database backups is currently about 3 weeks.

Email Retention
The retention period for email backups is one day.

Retrieval Process
In order to order a backup be retrieved, contact our support department by phone or email.


The cost of retrieval of data is $25 per incident. If we retrieve a specified file and it turns out to be the incorrect file and you want a different file, there will be an additional charge.

The retrieval of a file will take up to one full business day. If the retrieval needs to be expedited for the same day, there will be an additional $75 charge per incident.

Backup Services Offered
Pacific Internet partners with various backup providers for offsite storage. Please contact us to get price quotes.


Types Available
Pacific Internet offers MySQL and Microsoft SQL databases.

How to Connect
Pacific Internet can host MySQL or Microsoft SQL databases for customers. Connections to the databases require a pre-arranged database-name, username, and password. You will also require a database hostname, but this varies from customer to customer. If you do not know what the hostname is for your database servers, please contact us.

The database servers are shielded from outside connections. If you wish to use a database interface like Navicat or the Microsoft SQL Enterprise Manager, we will have to poke holes in the firewall protecting these servers. In order for us to do this, you must have a static IP address. Please contact us with this address information.

Domain Names

A domain name is a named space on the Internet, like or

How to Purchase
To order a domain name, contact us by email or phone.

Who Owns the Domain
No one really owns a domain name, they are leased from a registrar. Fees paid are for registration costs.


You can find out about a domain by doing a WHOIS search. You can do a WHOIS search at

Name Servers
If you have registered your domain through an organization other than Pacific Internet, and you want Pacific Internet to do the other elements of hosting, you need to set the name servers on your domain to:


SSL Certificates

What They Are
The primary function of a Web server SSL certificate (also known as a Secure Certificate) is to allow you to collect information from a user visiting your Web site and securely pass the information from their browser to the Web server by using encryption.

A SSL certificate also verifies the authenticity of your Web site as it relates to your domain registration and business presence. This is enabled by the certificate authority and their extensive review of your request for a SSL certificate. This assures your Web site visitors that not only are they encrypting their data before sending it across the Internet but that they are also doing business with a legitimate and registered company or entity.

How to Get One
To order an SSL certificate, please contact us by phone or email.

To contact Pacific Internet Support, please feel free to contact us by phone at 1-888-361-4638 or (206) 361-8785, or complete the form below and a Support Technician will contact you as soon as possible.

To contact Pacific Internet Technical Support, complete the form below or call the Technical Support at (206)361-8785. Or you can reach us toll free at 1(888) 361-4638.

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