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Pacific Internet offers a wide range of connectivity solutions. Whether you are a small office needing basic connectivity, or a large office needing a large dedicated high speed connection, Pacific Internet has the ability to customize a solution that will fit your needs.

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With Pacific Internet you can choose from a wide array of solutions; from basic DSL, our innovative Bonded DSL solution that provides up to 28Mbps speeds at a fraction of the cost of legacy services, T1s and DS3s, fiber optic connectivity, and even wireless solutions.

Learn about some of the connection solutions we offer on the left. If you're unsure what connection type might fit your needs or don't see what you're looking for a Pacific Internet technician can Design a solution to fit your needs.


Pacific Internet offers a range of DSL technologies, service levels, and price plans to suit any size business, branch office, or home office.

  • Shared-line ('traditional' DSL installs over your existing local phone service)
  • Standalone (does not require local phone service) DSL services.

Pacific Internet DSL coverage is currently in LATA674 only. See below for coverage map.

Pacific Internet DSL Coverage Map

Bonded DSL

As low as $99

You can now double, triple or quadruple your broadband DSL speeds, all while increasing your redundancy and uptime!

Pacific Internet's Bonded DSL the newest innovation from Pacific Internet. Finally, Beyond T1 speeds, SLA backed reliability is now at an affordable price. Entry level speed is 1.5Mbps (T1 speed), but higher speed options are available in a number of configurations. Pacific Internet BDSL is scalable up to a current maximum of 28.0 Mbps down/ 3.0 Mbps up. This is equivalent to sixteen T1 links worth of speed downstream from the Internet and two T1 links upstream to the Internet. It can be used with your current high speed connection as a back up or as a replacement to gain additional speed, it's up to you.

Pacific Internet BDSL offers bonded DSL circuits to ensure maximum up time, and the configuration is completed by Pacific Internet qualified staff.

A Pacific Internet Bonded D.S.L. Nettwork Setup

Dedicated Business Bonded DSL Service is the ideal solution for customers requiring consistently reliable and secure bandwidth. All bonded DSL solutions can easily be bundled with Pacific Internet's Business-Class VOIP services. Choose the speed that best fits your business - bandwidth options, this dedicated solution is an "always-on" connection, and all of the bandwidth is dedicated solely to your network's Internet connection.

Take a look at our DSL Coverage Map to see if you qualify for Pacific Internet's Bonded DSL.


Starting as low as $299

Your business is Stronger Connected with Pacific Internet Dedicated T1/DS3 service. With Pacific Internet's Business-Class Internet connectivity you have a wide range of access options to deliver the right solution for your business needs.

Pacific Internet's T1, Fractional DS3, and Full DS3 Service is a dedicated, full duplex, point-to-point, high-capacity Private Line. Whether you require a point-to-point dedicated connection or an Internet connection, Pacific Internet can provide the service you need.

Fiber Optic

Pacific Internet has the capability to provide fiber optic connectivity throughout the Northwest at speeds far beyond even bonded T-1's. From 10Mbps Full Duplex to 1000Mbps, Pacific Internet can connect you via fiber to the backbones of the world. Fiber is the perfect solution for those who have outgrown the limitations of T-1's.

Often 100Mbps of fiber optic connections can be obtained for a fraction of the cost of a DS3! (45Mbps) Fiber optic connections with Pacific Internet offer direct connections to several Tier 1 providers. Interconnection of facilities via fiber can also be a cost effective solution to creating gigabit connectivity.

Benefits of Fiber:

  • Throughput well beyond T1,Ds3's, Lightning-fast connectivity, with speeds up to OC-48 (OC-192 in some locations)
  • Price per megabit is often less than a DS3!
  • 99.996 SLA
  • low latency

These maps show areas of current availability. Other areas are also currently under construction. Please contact us with the form below to find out about availability in your area.

avalible fiber optics mapAvalible fiber optics map.

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