Business Class VOIP

Pacific Internet provides Business Class VOIP; A VOIP service unmatched by any Hosted VOIP solution.

With Pacific Internet Business Class VOIP, you get your own dedicated and managed PBX phone systems. No sharing your PBX services with several other companies on a shared server.

With QoS optimization, customized from end to end on our network*, we can offer best of breed call clarity.

Pacific Internet is very adept at increasing efficiency and decreasing overall costs for small businesses. Whether you want to keep your existing phones or increase functionality with IP phones. Each IP PBX implementation is custom tailored to suit your Business needs.

Fully integrated VOIP solutions

Our all encompassing Business VOIP solution offers:

  1. Significant cost savings to your monthly long distance
  2. Ease of scalability as your business grows
  3. Increased workforce portability and multi location transparency
  4. Increased functionality overall for a more efficient workforce
  5. Lower overall cost of ownership
  6. Seamless transition maintaining existing phone numbers
  7. The ability to never have to deal with the phone company again.
  8. Business Class reliability with a Single neck to ring*

* With Pacific Internet Broadband and VOIP. Pacific Internet can ensure highest quality of service and clarity when bundled with Pacific Internet Broadband Connectivity products.

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