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Pacific Internet offers IT Services. We can help you manage your small network or large enterprise.


RemoteIT™ is our flagship service that includes proactive, 24/7, ongoing network remote monitoring service. With RemoteIT™, a company can rest assured that their network maintains 24/7 operability without the expense of having their own IT department. While not a replacement for all on-site support, this service is a cost-effective method for monitoring critical network elements. RemoteIT™ delivers four different remote services:

  1. Remote network monitoring allows RemoteIT™ to anticipate and quickly resolve network issues before they become major problems
  2. Remote desktop support for mobile users, frequent travelers and remote office workers
  3. Remote server support to speed issue resolution and reduce downtime
  4. Priority access to our Team of network experts that can assist a focal within a company with all types of network and desktop support services

Starting as low as $200 per month, you can have peace of mind knowing that the critical points on your network are being monitored 24/7 - and in a case where something does malfunction, you have ready access to a team of experts that can assist you.

LAN/WAN Administration

Managing your network, as opposed to waiting for it to break, increases its reliability and your productivity. There are a few key areas that should be addressed on a regular basis in order to ensure the safety and reliability of your network:

  • Data backup
  • Antivirus updates
  • Microsoft updates
  • Firewall integrity

For as little as 2 hours per week Pacific Internet can manage these critical tasks for you, allowing you to do what you do best, focus on your business.

Network Security

The security of your network is crucial, and you should have confidence that your network is safe. Knowing your vulnerabilities is the first step in securing your network. Pacific Internet will probe your network, providing and in-depth report of its weaknesses. Once that baseline is established, Pacific Internet will provide a step-by-step plan to tighten your security. Once your network security has been tightened, Pacific Internet can also provide security administration and firewall services to protect your network 24/7.

Think your network is not a target? Think again. ALL networks are targeted by the hacker community, often as a means of concealing their clandestine activity by making it seem as though their malicious actions originated from YOUR network. Luckily, Fortune 500-class firewall technology has now become an affordable solution for even the smallest organization. Pacific Internet will provide and manage a firewall and security services that fits your budget and your situation.

Hardware and Software Support

Procurement of technology can be a daunting task. Where can you get the best price? What type of warranty do you need? Which vendors stand behind their products?

Over the years, Pacific Internet has dealt with many products from a variety of vendors. Whether you prefer to do your own procurement, or prefer to have Pacific Internet do that for you, we're here to assist you every step of the way.

Even the best hardware and software is of little value if it is not installed properly. Hardware and software settings are often difficult to find, and the ramifications of up-front decisions are difficult to predict. Pacific Internet has years of experience upon which to draw, so you can rest assured that the right decisions are made.

Pacific Internet will setup and configure your hardware and software to meet your specific needs, then continue with the needed support to make sure your systems run at their peak performance.

Network Architecture and Implementation

Utilizing our extensive technical expertise, the Pacific Internet IT Group can develop innovative, scalable networking solutions to excel your business. Whether you need help upgrading your existing IT infrastructure, designing, installing, maintaining or troubleshooting your network, our professional consultants can either work independently or in cooperation with the IT staff at your company.


Many companies today are either improperly connected or paying too much for the type of connection they have. Pacific Internet's professionals can analyze your connectivity needs and budget and recommend the proper solution. We work with you to fit your companies’ connection demands/ To see more about Pacific Internet's Connectivity Options, click here.


In today’s environment, electronic data has an every increasing need to be placed in a secure and safe environment that is always connected by multiple broadband connections and guaranteed to be online 24/7. With that, many companies are realizing that having their servers remain in house is not a very efficient business model, and have chosen to host their servers in an offsite colocation facility. Pacific Internet's team of professionals can analyze and recommend the type colocation services that best fit your requirements. To see more about Pacific Internet Colocation, click here

Disaster Recovery

Have you ever thought about what it would cost if your company were closed for a day, a week or longer due to a system failure, man-made or natural disaster or any other catastrophic event? Companies today are realizing that their data is important and without it, the business could be devastated. A Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity plan is essential. Pacific Internet DR experts can work alongside your IT department and dedicated administrators to put together your Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity plan. Once in place, the proper DR services can then be implemented. Learn more about Pacific Internet Disaster Recovery


Pacific Internet's Assessment Services provides a company with a comprehensive network assessment. This service is recommended prior the initiation of our RemoteIT™ services but not absolutely required. Our Assessment Services provides a detailed roadmap of the computing environment and outlines areas for improvement in the short, and long-term, that can most profoundly improve the business as a whole. The service cites:

  • Opportunities for increased efficiencies and operational improvements
  • Network security weaknesses and recommended solutions


Pacific Internet's Stabilization Services is highly recommended prior to any other administration and monitoring type services. All monitoring and administration services often requires some level of technology environment stabilization. Our stabilization services are designed to transition a client from a break/fix method of technology management to a predictable level of service and financial investment.

Stabilization services can run in parallel with on-site services and include:

  • Operating system upgrades
  • Updates to virus definitions and protection
  • Service Pack applications
  • Defragmentation of desktops and servers

Once a network has been stabilized, your dedicated Pacific Internet team or individual can then work with you either on-site or remotely to begin most administration and monitoring services.

Technician Assignments

When you require on-site support for network or system problems, upgrades, maintenance or office relocation, Pacific Internet IT has qualified professionals suited to the task.

We have experts who specialize in:

  • Windows Server configuration and administration
  • UNIX operating systems (most variations) configuration, support and administration
  • Router and Switches configuration and administration
  • Firewall configuration
  • Enterprise email systems
  • Internet connectivity and security
  • Many other areas of expertise.

So, whether you need an expert assigned to you for a day, a week, a month or longer, the Pacific Internet IT group has the expert that can meet you needs and demands.

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